Episode 06: Lindsey Westerfield - Conquering fear & learning to surrender control: A story of finding our identity in the Lord.

Lindsey Westerfield is a high school teacher, wife to her husband Drew, and mama to a sweet 1 year old daughter. Lindsey was diagnosed with PCOS at the young age of 22 and shares with us how that diagnoses shaped her in the early years of their marriage. She recalls her provider telling her that she would never have a baby without medical intervention and the heartache she faced after hearing those words. Lindsey was able to get pregnant without medical intervention and praises God for her miracle.   

We talk about her fears during her pregnancy. Lindsey struggled with the feeling that somehow she had to “earn” a healthy pregnancy. She talks about how the grace she found from her Jesus allowed her to give up control and trust her pregnancy to the hands of the Lord. We chat about how becoming a mom forces you to trust the Lord in a new way. That becoming a parent brings us into a solemn reality that parenthood is not about us as mamas. We have been entrusted with a task so much bigger than who we are. 

Lindsey shares her birth story with us. She talks about walking around at 6cm for 3 weeks before going into labor with her baby. She delivered quickly and smoothly at a birth center in a hospital. She takes us through her postpartum journey and healing process. She shares how important it was for her to have other moms supporting her throughout the postpartum period. Lindsey struggled with breastfeeding and had many challenges with a baby who was “failure to thrive.” She talks about beneficial and helpful her therapist was for her during those postpartum months. 

We chat about where we find our identities as moms. We talk about remembering who you are and were designed to be underneath all the layers of your many roles in our everyday lives. Lindsey shares about God’s sustaining nature in her day to day life and how she’s learning to surrender to the Lord in the good & the hard seasons of her life. 

3 things Lindsey cannot live without: 


Her community

Her daughter’s wabunub pacifier:  http://www.wubbanub.com/ 


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