Private Class Registration

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Alise Teaching - Haisch-94.JPG

Private Class Registration

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My 5 hour private class can be held in your home, or a home of your friend or family member's.  We can adjust the curriculum to meet your specific needs as a couple. For those of you with a busy schedule, prefer one – on – one instruction, or just can’t make my group class work for you, this is a great option!

We typically cover the following topics: 
    • birth terms & anatomy
    • labor & delivery
    • breathing
    • relaxation
    • comfort measures
    • partner’s role in labor
    • stretching/exercises to promote labor progress
    • induction
    • pain medications

Wondering when during your pregnancy to take a class? 
The end of your 2nd trimester or beginning of the 3rd trimester is a wonderful time to take a childbirth class! 

To register for a private class, head over to my contact form and say hello! Can't wait to meet you!

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