The research is good you guys. Very good. It’s clear that mamas who give birth with continuous labor support have a more positive experience along with a healthier mom & baby. They also tend to have shorter labors with fewer complications. HELLO. Sign me up right?! Well keep reading, it gets better…

Women who gave birth with a trained labor support companion such as a doula were
• have an epidural or other "regional" analgesia to manage pain
• use any type of pain medication (including narcotics)
• give birth by cesarean section
• give birth with vacuum extraction or forceps
• give birth to a baby with a low Apgar score rating of well being 5 minutes after birth
• be dissatisfied with or negatively rate their childbirth experience (Hodnett and colleagues 2011).

You can read more about evidence supporting doulas HERE

“Alise was absolutely outstanding. My husband & I took her private birthing class & loved it and she was also our doula at our son’s birth. She went above & beyond in supporting us and made our birth goals a reality. Really couldn’t have done it without her. Highly recommend her services!!!” - Katie

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