08: Katie Knudson - Parenting children on a journey toward heart transformation - striving for forgiveness and letting go of perfection.

Our guest on this week's episode is Katie Knudson, a high school friend of mine. Katie lives in a small town in Washington with her husband Perry. They’ve been married for 7 years and have loved small town living.

Katie is a stay at home mama to her two boys. She’s just started homeschooling her preschooler and is loving it. Katie went to college in Oregon and married her college sweetheart. She shares her experience with PUPPS (pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy) during her pregnancies. She went to 42 weeks with her first pregnancy and talks about patiently waiting for her baby to arrive. She had such trust that her baby would come at the right time. She shares her water birth story and the excitement of having her mom arrive just in time for the birth. Katie shares about the excellent care she received from her midwife during the postpartum period and how much she enjoyed transitioning to life as a new mama.   

During her second pregnancy, Katie shares about how fluid retention and PUPPS was a struggle for her. She went to 41 weeks with her second pregnancy and ended up catching the flu bug. With her entire family sick, she went into labor. All of that throwing up worked wonders for her, and kicked her into active labor. 

We have an authentic conversation about parenting little people. She shares that the reality that she’s just in the thick of it with her littles is hard to manage at times. We talk about balance. Is it attainable and what does that really even look like? I really enjoyed our conversation about healthy living not just in our roles as mamas, but also as women, friends, and wives. 

I think my favorite part of the conversation is when we chat about what it looks like to be a sinner yourself while parenting sinful children. It’s such a challenging task as times. I loved how Katie shared what so much of us experience. We fail as parents, and our kids will fail as well. They are on a journey to heart toward heart change just like we are. Katie beautifully shares her heart with us and what it looks like for her to pursue what God has for her life. The very real truth about parenting little ones is we all are tired. Chasing after and exerting our energy towards things that the Lord has not called us to will drain us even more than we already are. We talk about what it looks like to give grace and receive it for ourselves. Katie talks about needing the Word of God in this season of motherhood more than she ever has before.

I loved how Katie shared about the example she wants to set for her boys. That she doesn’t desire to be some perfect mom. That she desires heart transformation. For herself and her kids. She values her boys seeing her fail, repent, and come back to what they know to be true. An example not of perfection, but of forgiveness is something she wants to instill.

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