16: Shannon Addison - Real life survival mode & the grace that sustains us.

This week on the show I chat with my friend Shannon Addison. Shannon is a mama to three gorgeous little girls. She’s a full time mama, wife, and loves to create beautiful photos in the margins of her life. I met Shannon a few years ago in our MOPS group, and I knew pretty quickly I liked this girl. We record this episode when her newest baby girl was just 4 weeks old. It’s an authentic, real and fun conversation. We talk about postpartum life, finding a relationship with the Lord, miscarriage, and what it feels like to add babies to your family. We talk about real life survival mode, and those things that carry us through. I know all you mamas out there are going to be so encouraged by this authentic conversation. You might even catch a whiff of baby fever if you’re lucky.

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