Katie Gruener: How to quiet the noise that says you're not doing enough!

Today on the show I sit down and have a lovely conversation with Katie Gruener. I’ve known Katie over the years through running into her at the gym. And I’m telling you this girl is LIGHT. She lights up the room and brings so much joy to others. Go follow her on instagram @Gruener_farms and scroll through her feed and put a face to her name!

She is just a joy to be around. I loved when Katie shared about being the “lead learner” for her girls in this episode. I think that’s so important. It’s easy to rely on school or church or programs… to teach our kids, but ultimately it’s US you guys. And that is an amazing gift. None of us our qualified, but God has equipped us for the job.

If you’re in a season of stripping away the old in your marriage you will be encouraged by Katie’s story. I know I was. Jeff & I are definitely in a season of rebuilding. It’s hard, but I wouldn’t trade it. There’s a lot of noise around us in our everyday lives as moms and parents. Go listen and be encouraged today to turn down the noise of our culture and turn up the voice of the one who says you’re already enough.

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Praying for you friend!


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