Chelsey Matley: Learning to hold everything with an open hand

In this episode, I chat with Chelsey Matley. I was Chelsey’s doula about 18 months ago and have had such a great time getting to know this girl! 

Chelsey is a follower of Jesus, wife to her husband Kevin, and mama to her baby girl Evelyn Golden. She’s a freelance makeup artist born and raised in Seattle, WA. She loves the PNW, film, music, watching the birds on her bird feeder, reading books with Evelyn, watching reruns of The Office and finding new recipes to cook. She’s pretty cool :) and you are going to love our honest conversation today. 

We chat about their trial of infertility, overcoming challenges in their marriage, being a working mom, and her breastfeeding journey. Go follow this girl on instagram while you’re listening at @chelseymatley

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 Matley Family // Photo by Amber Zbitnoff Photography
 Matley Family // Photo by Amber Zbitnoff Photography