09: Colby Martin - Laughing through Labor! A mama's story of falling in love with a baby she didn't know if she could love.

Today on the show I sit down with one of my past doula clients, Colby Martin. I had the opportunity to attend the birth of her daughter last fall. I had so much fun catching up with her on the show today. I have never laughed more at a birth than I did with Colby. Her coping mechanism was laughter, and that we did. A lot. I know this episode is going to bring a smile to that lovely face of yours today.

Colby is a work from home mama who runs her own business with her husband in the South Sound. We chat about remodeling their home and celebrating our kids birthdays.  

Colby shares honestly about how guilty she felt for not having that gut feeling that she just, “had to be a mom.” She was guarded for many years and was afraid that she wouldn’t love her daughter. She felt like she missed out on having a love connection with some individuals in her childhood and didn’t know if she would be able to love her child. She asked herself, if there were seasons in her life when she felt unlovable as a child by those who should have been able to love her, how could she love her own daughter? She wondered if she was even capable of love. Colby’s honesty is remarkable when she said she was afraid to be excited about her pregnancy because of the fear of what loosing a child might feel like. She was afraid feelings of loss might overtake her even before she was actually pregnant. It wasn’t until after having her daughter that she realized she had an overwhelming love for the daughter she now had.

Colby has a unique birth story and tells us what it was like to be electrocuted on accident during her pregnancy. Colby recalls a specific memory in her birth story when she was terrified to push out her child. She froze knowing this was the moment she might meet her child and know if she was going to have a love connection to the child growing inside of her. She knew she was the only one who could push out her baby, and so she did it. She did what she knew only she could do.

We had a great conversation about making the decisions that are best for ourselves and our babies regardless of what others are saying. I loved how she talked about her journey to finding a pediatrician for her daughter that aligned with her values and desires for care. Colby encourages us to be confident in who we are as parents and trust our instincts.

It’s an encouraging and uplifting conversation you guys. Go have a listen and enjoy! 

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