Episode 04: Amanda Gandy - Overcoming shame: Finding hope in a God who is in control & healing through a traumatic birth.

Amanda Gandy joins me on the Perfectly, Wonderfully Made Podcast today for episode #4.

Amanda is a childbirth educator & doula. She is a wife and mama to two boys ages 3 & 18 months. Amanda is one of those people who are just so easy to be friends with. We chat about her unplanned pregnancy, her decision to walk out of the abortion clinic and save her baby, and the shame that overshadowed her. When she was 3 months pregnant she married her husband, Jeremiah and they’ve been together now for 4 years. Amanda shares about changing health care providers at 36 weeks while pregnant with her first son. We get real and talk about the shame and depression she dealt with becoming a mama and a newlywed at the same time.

While pregnant with her second baby, Amanda was told her son had Down Syndrome. We chat about how she proclaimed the goodness of God over her son in that season, regardless of what his diagnoses would come to be. Her labor with her second baby was much different than her first and much more mentally challenging. She shares about her traumatic postpartum hemorrhage, emergency hospital transfer, and near death experience. Those moments listening to her share about the word the Lord spoke over her life when she thought it was going to be her last, were so powerful! We both agree there was no question, the grace and hand of God on her life is remarkable. The Lord is so surely in control of her life. Just as He is ours.         

Amanda & I have a great conversation about raising bi-racial children in our society today. She shares her hopes and dreams for her boys in our culture. You will be so encouraged by her words! 

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