Episode 05: Dani Larimore - You are stronger than you think you are. A journey through grief, while clinging to hope for tomorrow.

Today on episode #5 of the Perfectly Wonderfully Made Podcast, I chat with my friend Dani Larimore. Dani is a mama to two beautiful little kiddos. She tells us her story of falling in love with the man of her dreams, their struggle with infertility, and the birth of her first baby in her local hospital. She talks about how life with her new baby are some of her favorite moments to look back on. Dani shares about getting pregnant with her second baby with the help of fertility medication.

We talk about how Dani’s life changed two years ago this month. Her husband very unexpectedly went home to be with Jesus while she was 16 weeks pregnant with their second child. Dani shares so honestly with us what walking through that tragedy was like for her. She walks us through her anxiety, grief, and loss. Her hope in the Lord through devastation is incredible. Dani shares her birth story with her second baby and how she faced giving birth without her husband by her side. 

We chat about her dreams for her kids. How she continues to pursue joy, and vision for her future. The Lord is so clearly continuing the good work he has started in Dani’s life. We talk about how faithful the Lord is to redeem those broken pieces of our lives.   

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