10: Julie Cannon - An Adoption Story: Equipped to do the sanctifying work of motherhood through the fullness of His grace.

Today on the show, I chat with my friend Julie Cannon. Julie is a wife, a mama, a writer, and a talented photographer. Julie shares with us her story of adopting their one year old daughter, Crew. Before, meeting their precious, smiley, adorable daughter they walked through years of infertility. Julie shares with us so honestly about how her marriage struggled in that season, and the importance of honoring the covenant of marriage she made. She shares about continuing on and staying in the fight for a healthy marriage. Julie talks about how she conquered fear and anxiety while in the middle of her adoption process. The Lord, changed her and allowed her to learn to trust Him in new ways.

Julie talks with us about how she struggled with the reality that she might mess her daughter up. She asked the question of the Lord, “how am I not going to mess her up?” Julie explains how the Lord changed her heart, and encouraged her not to live a life of fear, but one of freedom. One where she found freedom and refreshing knowing the Lord had grace for her each day. I loved our conversation about how motherhood sanctifies you in a way nothing else can. Being a mama forces you to examine your heart and become more like Christ. We chat about how we are fully equipped to do this work of motherhood because we are made in His likeness through the fullness of His grace.

For those of you who are interested in adoption or learning more about Julie’s story, you can connect with her through her blog Relentless Journey or on IG @JulieKCannon

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