11: Katie Blackburn - 3 Babies in 3 Years - Her story of motherhood, special needs, and trusting the Lord.

I grew up going on family vacations with my friend and guest this week Katie Blackburn. Katie was just a little bit older than I was, and I always looked up to her so much even as a little girl. I looked forward to each winter vacation we would take together and the time we got to spend adventuring as kids. I've loved watching Katie become a mama and raise her three gorgeous babies. I'm so excited to share my conversation with Katie with you all this week. You guys are going to be so blessed by Katie's genuine love for people and her heart to chase after the things of God.  

Katie is married to the love of her life, Alex. She has three babies, Harper Kristin (December 2012), Cannon Lee (May 2014), and Jordi Daniel (November 2015).  She had three babies in three years, and loves the life she has been given. Just over a year ago now, in October of 2016, her son Cannon was diagnosed with autism, and she so openly shares about how the Lord has shown up for her and has brought peace to her in every season of her life. Katie is a writing instructor at her local college, a contributor at Coffee + Crumbs, and has co-authored her first book The Magic of Motherhood. Katie also writes beautiful essays about her faith & family on her blog Just Enough Brave.

Katie tells us she went into her first birth experience feeling pretty over confident and what she would later find out was very unprepared. She thought to herself, “how hard could this really be?” I'm sure there are many of us out there who can relate to those feelings. 

With the birth of her third baby, she had different hopes and really wanted to try for an un-medicated birth. I loved our conversation about surrender. How she learned to give her desires over to the Lord in labor with her third baby. She had the hard & beautiful un-medicated delivery she had always hoped for.  

Katie shares with us about her son, Cannon’s, autism II diagnoses. She talks about the blessing of being on the same page with her spouse, regarding Cannon, and how time with Jesus allowed her to gain perspective and strength for each day. Katie tells us the most unexpected thing about having a child with special needs was the way it changed her faith. The Lord became so much bigger and so much more real for her. Her prayer for Cannon is that the works of God might be displayed in and through him. I loved listening to Katie talk about hope and how she manages her days with three little ones. You’re going to love our conversation about self care and self comfort on today’s show.

You can hear Katie talking about motherhood, faith, special needs, and a so many other encouraging topics on the Coffee + Crumbs podcast, the Open Door Sisterhood podcast, and at Tears of Gold.

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