13: Moch Snyder - Cesarean Birth Stories: Finding our identity & worth in the Lord.

This week on the show my guest is Moch Snyder! She is wife to Jon, mama to Hudson, Owen, & baby boy #3 on the way! Moch has a powerful testimony and I’m so excited to share her story with you all. She was introduced to a relationship with Jesus through Young Life in high school. We chat about her full life with 2 small boys and 1 coming this February. Moch shares her heart for adoption and dream of opening an orphanage someday. We chat openly about her fears about bringing children into the world, how her past traumas affected her as a wife and mama, and how the Lord has continually shown up for her in each season of her life. Moch shares her 2 cesarean birth stories and her plans for baby number three!

We have a powerful conversation about shame, abuse, and comparison. Moch felt unworthy, exposed, and ugly because of the events she walked through in her past. The Lord has redeemed so much pain in her life, and used it to transform her into someone who is a worthy, rightful princess in the Kingdom of God. The Lord has shown her how beautiful she already is. It is a redemption story, sure to build your faith!

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