12: Dana Ruch - Serving a God who turns our broken pieces into a beautiful masterpiece.

Today on the show I chat with my friend Dana Ruch. Dana was a few grades ahead of me in high school and graduated with my husband, Jeff. Dana is Mental Health Counselor at a hospital in Tacoma. She is a certified health coach through the institute of integrative nutrition and a certified yoga instructor. Dana shares her story of recovery with us after being hit by a drunk driver, where she suffered a traumatic brain injury and had to deal with the symptoms of anxiety, emotional disregulation and poor memory. Dana was so blessed to keep her life through that accident and is a living testimony of the saving power of God. She met her husband, Jon after her accident and was married 8 months later. Dana got pregnant with her first baby on their honeymoon! She shares her struggles with depression in pregnancy and her unplanned cesarean birth with her first son. Dana lost her second baby when she miscarried after her oldest was just over a year old. She got pregnant quickly after her miscarriage and experienced a whirlwind of emotions during her second pregnancy. We chat about what she felt like walking into the hospital knowing she was going to have a second cesarean birth.  

She found yoga through her recovery after her accident. Yoga was a way for her to not only heal her physical injuries and regain strength, but helped to heal her emotionally as well. We chat about life as a busy working mama, walking through life with the Lord when it’s just hard and uncertain at times, and learning to trust the Lord in each season of her life

Dana shares openly about her desires of being a stay at home mama, and being grateful for the season she is in. The Lord has been so faithful to redeem those broken pieces of her life. He’s taken things that have been roadblocks and challenges and used them to bring glory to His name. Dana shares that these challenging seasons of her life have drawn her closer to the Lord and she’s so thankful for that. We serve such a creative, beautiful God who so intricately and delicately shapes our broken pieces into something spectacular. I know you're going to find encouragement in her words today! 

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