32: Christina Gilbreath - Faith in the Journey

Today on the show I chat with Christina Gilbreath. Christina is a wife and mama to two beautiful little girls. She is a pastor, a voice & piano teacher, and one amazing mama & friend. We chat about insecurity, motherhood, postpartum, and the lies we often believe as women. Christina preached an incredible message this year called, Faith in the Journey. Go watch this mama preach the house down. You will be so encouraged my friend!

Mama, what is the lie you are believing about yourself today? What is the truth? What does the Lord say about you? I want you to call it out. Make it clear and plain, and let the truth of God’s word pierce the darkness in your life today.

If you are sitting here listening to this episode and are experiencing any of the symptoms of postpartum depression I want you to stop right now and reach out to a friend. Ask for help. Do not sit one minute longer in the dark. There is hope for you. There is joy for you. I know we talk about postpartum a lot on this show, but mama you have to know there is hope! If you are local and live in Washington state, call the Perinatal Support Group today.


Faith in the Journey - Message by Christina Gilbreath
Perinatal Support Group - WA
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