20: Katie Cowles - Stronger than she ever knew.

Today on the show my guest is Katie Cowles. Katie found me through instagram about 2 years ago and she hired me to doula for the birth of her baby! I’ve been so blessed to get to know Katie and her family over the last couple years. We recorded this episode back in the fall and I’m so excited to share it with you now! Katie is a NICU nurse, a mama to her son Oliver who is 17 months, and wife to her husband Cameron. She shares her story of having an unmedicated birth in the hospital setting after being induced. Katie shares about what it looked like for her to trust that everything was going to be okay, and believe she could birth her baby. You’re going to love this sweet mama! 

I loved when Katie shared about how giving birth to her son was one of the first times she realized she could be so strong. So much stronger than she ever knew. How true is that in those seasons of our lives when we are pressed and pushed we realize just how much is IN US. Motherhood is like a daily outpouring of ourselves. We give of ourselves. We nurture, we get up, we rise again, but the craziest part about it all, is that as we give the Lord pours back into us. We pour out ourselves and the Lord pours his identity into us. His strength into us. And slowly, ever so slowly we start to look more like him. It’s beautiful and brilliant and hard as hell all at the same time.

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