24: Bethany Small - Learning to freely give her love away.

I chat with Bethany Small today on the show. Bethany has been married to her husband, Grant, for 7 years and is an incredible photographer who lives in Portland, Oregon! She's so talented my friends! Bethany shares her story about being diagnosed with Lyme Disease and their decision to become foster parents for the first time. You are just going to love her heart in this episode. 

Whether we have biological kids, or whether our children have come to our families through adoption, or whether our have children come into your home through foster care we are all just stewarding those babies and loving them for as long as the Lord allows us to. It's just so easy to forget that. We are all just shepherding these children to the best of our abilities. Our kids are not ours to begin with. They are the Lord’s. First and always. I know you are going to be so encouraged by these words today! 

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