27: Paige Hartford: Prone to wander

Today on the show I chat with Paige Hartford. Paige and I have been trying to get together to record a podcast for a while now, and I’m so excited it’s finally here to share with you all! Paige is a labor & delivery nurse and an amazing wife and mama. She has an adorable son and is expecting another baby this summer! I know you guys are going to really love her perspective as a labor & delivery nurse and as a new mama. She shares her postpartum journey and some of the challenges she faced at work with a new baby at home. I know you guys are going to be so encouraged by Paige and all she has to share with us.

Postpartum anxiety is so common my friends. I always tell my students in my childbirth classes when we talk about life after baby, you need these resources. If not for you, for your friends. 1 in 7 women will experience a postpartum mood disorder. So you guys. If it’s not you, someone in your tribe is going to need your support. Talk about how you are feeling. With your family, with your friends, with your care providers, with your counselor. It’s scary being vulnerable, but I promise promise you the risk is worth it. Don’t do life alone. And especially if you are experiencing any kind of postpartum mood or anxiety disorder.

I just loved when Paige talked about how she felt like she was like the Israelites at times. Prone to wander. I mean golly. Read any of the minor prophets in the old testament. Again and again they wander. They rebel. They walk away from the promises of God. And He calls to his people. The Lord will never forsake us. He just never will.   

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    The Dream of You by Jo Saxton
    Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington 

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