26: Pam Vredevelt - Healing your Empty Arms

Today on the show I chat with Pam Vredevelt. I got connected with Pam through some family members and I’ve been so blessed by her work over the last few years. Pam is an author, licensed professional counselor and inspirational speaker. I love the way this woman can talk about real life issues with such authenticity, warmth, and humor.

Pam is married to her best friend, John, and has four children. Two of them here on earth and two are in heaven. During the last 25 years Pam has served thousands of individuals as a professional counselor in private practice. She has walked with people in the depths of pain, and has shown them the path toward healing. Her grace-filled wisdom, refreshing hope, and practical counsel have guided so many mamas towards healing.

I love the way she has allowed the Lord to work all of the hard trials of her life out for His good purposes. The way she shares how she has found healing after loss in her life is just incredible.

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